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The first cancer survivor to stand on the top of the world!

With only one functioning lung, a prognosis of fourteen days to live, and being in a medically-induced coma for a year, Sean Swarner is the first cancer survivor to stand on top of the world – Mt. Everest. Sean has broken through defined human limitation in order to redefine the way the world views success.

Sean was diagnosed with two deadly, different, and unrelated forms of cancer, once at the age of thirteen and again at the age of sixteen. After an incredibly poor prognosis, and being read his last rites, Sean astounded the medical community when he survived both these brutal diseases. He realized that after defeating cancer twice, no challenge would ever be too great, no peak too high.

Book cover of Being Unstoppable by Sean Swarner

Conquering Your Everest

Being Unstoppable is the first book in the 7 Summits to Success series. It is a story of one man’s journey to accomplishing what was once thought impossible. Sean Swarner overcame two different cancers to make his dream of climbing Mt. Everest (with one lung), the highest mountain in the world, a reality.

In addition to sharing his story with the world, Sean shares the guiding principles that made his own dreams a reality. Being Unstoppable begins with Sean’s story of survival, adventure, and cliff-hanging suspense. It concludes with a section containing simple, practical steps anyone can use to fulfill their own dreams and goals. Sean teaches how he managed to make the impossible possible and how to incorporate those same simple but powerful steps into climbing one’s own Everest.

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