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We believe that you don’t build organizations, you build people. And those people build great organizations. However, some organizations don’t invest in their most valuable assets—their people. We have coached and trained people across the globe on professional development topics. We are passionate about investing in people and helping them grow. ​
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Research tells us that customer experience is surpassing price as the leading contributor of how buyers make decisions. But what does that actually mean for your organization? Does your organization provide an exceptional customer experience? Not getting it right could lead to declines in revenue, retention, and profitability. This training will share insights on how to take your organization’s customer service to the next level.

Most people communicate with others the way they would like to be communicated with. Unfortunately, this strategy causes miscommunication and conflict because different behavioral styles think and communicate differently. So, how do you create a harmonious environment where people are working together as a team? In this session, you’ll learn how to use our proprietary Navigate behavioral methodology to better understand the core psychology of people you communicate with and how to adapt your style to connect with them effectively so your communication hits the mark!

Social media is now a critical piece of every organization’s marketing strategy, however, more than 50% of organizations don’t have an intentional, managed, and executed strategy around their digital presence. This training will show you everything you need to know about putting together a proper social media and technology plan to measurably drive profits. 

Storytelling is one of the most powerful vehicles available when it comes to persuading, influencing, or moving others to action, yet most professionals lack the basic skills and knowledge of effective storytelling. This training teaches the conscious and unconscious elements that make stories so effective and how to tell stories that captivate. 

Do you have a vision for your life? Do you know exactly what you want to do for the next 10 years? Less than 5% of people have any documented personal vision or clarity on their life purpose. When someone has a clear vision and spends time thinking about it, it creates context for action. This training shows you a systematic process and exercises to help you get clear on your personal purpose.

All businesses have to work with other people in some capacity to thrive, making communication a crucial skill for all employees. However, there’s typically little to no professional education on how to deal with people. We’ve cracked the code on emotional intelligence, and in this training, you’ll learn insightful and practice tips that will help you better understand both yourself and others.

In times of stress, it’s extremely important to focus on what you can control. Keeping your mindset around the controllables allows you to continue performing rather than letting stress overwhelm you. In this training, we’ll show you the tools you need to create good habits around stress that will keep you moving forward through the challenges. 

Feeling rundown? Do you find yourself getting sick often? One of the keys to a healthy immune system is eating nutritious foods, and a healthy immune system helps prevent illness. We’ll teach you helpful strategies on how to choose and eat the right foods to boost your immune system so you can stay happy, healthy, and thriving.

A person’s ability to be aware of and effectively manage their emotions as well as the emotions of others (their EQ) is a greater predictor of success than intellectual intelligence (their IQ). However, most people have never developed a deep awareness of their emotions and habits and learned the necessary skills of social intelligence that are needed to thrive in this world. As a result, their emotions and habits negatively effect their relationships and their opportunities. This program is a deep-dive into the four elements of emotional intelligence. When you can understand and control your own emotions, you will better relate to others, which will ultimately lead to deeper connections and more greater success in life.

The best source of new relationships is past relationships, but fewer than 1% or organizations have a dedicated strategy toward recognizing and appreciating those relationships. This results in throttled growth, performance, and potential because they aren’t maximizing one of their most valuable assets. This training will share the research behind client gifting, follow-up systems, and communicating expectations so that you build loyal, raving fans.

With many types of people working together in an organization, conflict is inevitable. However, if it’s not dealt with in a healthy way, the impacts of conflict can be devastating to a team culture and performance. In this training, you’ll be exposed to processes that prevent disputes and help you work through conflict in a way that improves relationships and organizational health. 

For the first time in history, there are four different and distinct generations in the workplace. Those different generations prefer different communication mediums and have different expectations, which can lead to conflict. These dynamics can make it extremely difficult to maintain a harmonious, productive work environment. In this training, you will learn how to alter your communication style to work together as a team.

Most people don’t have a purpose that is bigger than their paycheck. Consequently, their motivation vacillates and they struggle with burnout. In order to have sustained motivation, you have to have a burning passion for what you do that is bigger than the challenges you will face. In this inspiring session, we work with you to identify once and for all what will keep you motivated for the long haul. If you know your why, you will figure out the how to achieve what you want.

Whether being disorganized, verbose, inappropriate, inaccurate, or unnecessary, professionals waste countless hours each day with avoidable email mistakes. On a personal level, improper email etiquette can damage a reputation and even destroy relationships. This program will show you a plan to make sure none of that happens. Learn how to stay in control of your email and use it to forward and build relationships.