Global Summit Inspires Coaches to Give Their All

For the one.

That was the theme of the January 2020 Global Summit meeting at Southwestern Coaching, where coaches from across the world gathered in Nashville, Tennessee, for camaraderie, training, and motivation.

Who’s the one, you might ask? It’s the realtor, struggling with time management who is drowning in emails and can never catch up. It’s the manager, who wants to inspire his people to become leaders themselves, but isn’t sure how. It’s the budding salesperson, eager to make their mark, and it’s also the experienced salesperson, looking for accountability when they’re feeling unmotivated.

Global Summit proved to be a valuable time for our coaches to focus on the one, honing their craft so they can help professionals achieve success and give them the attention they deserve. Through dynamic speakers, breakout sessions with small groups, and interactive panels, coaches gained skills that will help them change lives.

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