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Teej is an experienced powerhouse in the world of sales and leadership, igniting client and team engagement leading to remarkable success. She has a proven track record of exceeding expectations through her in-depth understanding of tailoring sales strategies to any situation. Teej specializes in creating meaningful connections that drive results. She captures the attention of her audiences through her contagious energy and enthusiasm, and she particularly connects through empowering women to rise above challenges with tenacity and resilience. Teej’s authentic, action-oriented approach, coupled with passionate advocacy for women, creates a transformative experience.

Teej Cummins

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About Teej

Teej is a motivator, implementer, and people-grower with over 20 years of experience in sales and leadership.  As a speaker, she excels at empowering her audience to overcome obstacles and unlock their top potential. As a professional Sales and Leadership Coach, she is committed to removing the obstacles that impact the lives and careers of her clients. In addition to sales and leadership, she has a diverse background in entrepreneurship, fashion, vocal recording, and media sales. 

After attending school for performing arts, she launched an early career in fashion, voice talent, and media sales. She then transitioned into financial services with an interest in wealth management. There, she discovered a passion for helping entrepreneurs achieve financial wellness. She built teams and territories that consistently ranked highest in retention, customer satisfaction scores, and profits. 

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