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Southwestern Speakers koondab maailma juhtivaid müügitreeningu eksperte. Maailma vanima otsemüügiettevõtte ühe osana oleme treeninud sadu müügiorganisatsioone üle kogu maailma. See on andnud meile tipptulemustega müügiinimeste arendamiseks põhjaliku kogemustepagasi.​

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Teooriate praktikas rakendamine ja süvateadmiste arendamine, mis võimaldab sul teisi õpetada.


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20 veebiseminari.


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Learning to overcome fear is the single most important and predictive trait for anyone who wants to succeed in sales. Yet, most salespeople never fully learn how to conquer their fear. This training will show you how to crack the code on fear, presenting logical and emotional processes that anyone can utilize to move past their fear once and for all.

When you follow a strong schedule, you get into a rhythm that will keep you going based off of the power of momentum. But if you get off track, it can slow you down, negatively influence your attitude, and cause your self-esteem to become a roller coaster, creating stress and frustration. Ultra-performers follow a few simple but profound principles to construct and execute their daily and weekly schedules. In this program, you will learn their secret habits and how to execute them in your own life.

Social media is now a critical piece of every organization’s marketing strategy, however, more than 50% of organizations don’t have an intentional, managed, and executed strategy around their digital presence. This training will show you everything you need to know about putting together a proper social media and technology plan to measurably drive profits. 

Most salespeople sell to others the way they would like to be sold to. Unfortunately, this strategy causes them to miss out on approximately 75% of business. Learning how to identify alternate behavioral styles and why they buy helps close that gap. Field-tested by thousands of sales professionals, our proprietary Navigate™️ methodology empowers your team to connect more quickly with prospects, shorten the sales cycle, and build more trust overall. 

Do you know how to motivate your team? Many organizations struggle to solve the mystery of what keeps their team working harder, faster, and smarter. This interactive training session will answer that question by introducing the 8 drivers of human motivation. We’ll also develop a plan to ensure your people stay motivated, engaged, and productive for the long term. 

Many salespeople are terrified to ask for referrals because they don’t know how and are afraid of making it awkward for their clients. The result is a staggering amount of lost business. In this program, we cover a seven-step referral process and advanced techniques that will lead your team to exponential sales results.

Time and time again, salespeople miss out on sales because they don’t have a plan for answering objections. This training will lead to multiplied sales conversions by helping your team understand the psychology of what causes objections as well as a six-part procedure that will help them overcome any objection they may encounter.

Very few organizations have a strong, structured, and systematic strategy for generating repeat business from past customers. They’re so focused on bringing in new customers, they don’t realize their existing customers are walking out the back door. Selling to an existing customer costs much less money, emotional energy, and time. This training will teach you the key strategies to “land and expand.”

Social media is a necessary, powerful tool that can unlock enormous potential in today’s marketplace. Not understanding how to use social media can actually cause harm to your business. The challenge is that most companies are not training their sales teams to effectively use social media to increase sales. In this sales-focused session we will discuss how to use social media to find new leads, create warmer contacts, get to decision-makers faster, gain more knowledge in less time, and automate follow-up.

Having a full pipeline of warm, qualified leads is what every great salesperson needs in order to be successful. Why, then, do your salespeople struggle with having enough people to call? And, why do they keep calling the same accounts over and over again? For most, it’s because calling the same people is comfortable. It’s easier to follow up with someone who said “maybe” versus finding a brand-new prospect who may say “no!” In this content-rich training session, your team will learn 15 spokes of lead generation as well as how to turn every cold call into a warm lead. Your team will not only leave with new ideas, but a concrete plan on how to expand their lead-generation efforts, a list of people to call the very next day, and the confidence to make those new calls.

Using the phone is an inevitable part of any effective sales process. However, many salespeople constantly make the same mistakes when selling over the phone. Consequently, they become afraid of rejection or confrontation, claim that using the phone doesn’t work and is a waste of time, or think email is a better communication tool. In this session, we help your team uncover the most efficient times to reach people on the phone, the best techniques in getting someone on the line, and what to say when you reach them or have to leave a message. From dial to contact, we walk your team through the why, when, how, and what of effective phone techniques that lead to results.

There are a limited number of prospects in any person’s territory, so it is critical that each interaction starts off on the right foot. In addition to getting your value proposition across quickly, this session will also share strategies for how to make a first impression, because you never get a second chance!

The average salesperson shows up to a presentation and starts presenting without having identified and developed a need. As the old saying goes, they “show up and throw up.” This costs salespeople and companies thousands of dollars every single day, as it is one of the most common mistakes made in selling. In this training, you will learn the five key parts of an effective introduction and why you should never move into the presentation of the product without having all of them checked off.

Nothing else matters in your presentation if you cannot bring the prospect to a point of decision. But often, we find that salespeople either err on the side of being too pushy or not asking for the sale at all! This training session will not only demonstrate 15 techniques for closing with ease, but it will also help your team understand that closing is not manipulative. It is a service. The more they serve, the more they sell!

Your salespeople might have great front-end activity numbers with dials, door knocks, or cold calls, but if they can’t get past gatekeepers, all that effort is in vain. Put your sales team through our powerful training session that teaches how to work with and through gatekeepers to reach more decision-makers faster. After this session, your team will leave knowing how to never be screened by a gatekeeper again!

Many average salespeople fail to follow up with current prospects or past customers. As a result, deals slip through the cracks and many cross-selling opportunities are missed. This training will demonstrate a variety of detailed systems for follow-up so your team knows when to follow up what to say—ultimately helping them close more business and generate more warm leads from the people who already know and trust them.

Networking can be one of the best ways to grow relationships and generate inbound referrals, but done the wrong way, it results in frustration, wasted time, and possibly even a diminished reputation. When done right, networking will supply you with a lifetime stream of qualified, inbound warm leads. This training will show you a proven strategy to make that a reality.

At its core, sales is a transference of emotions. A salesperson’s ability to be aware of and effectively manage their emotions as well as the emotions of others (their EQ) is a greater predictor of sales success than intellectual intelligence (their IQ). However, most people have never developed a deep awareness of their emotions and habits and learned the necessary skills of social intelligence that are needed to thrive in this world. As a result, their inability to deeply connect with others emotionally negatively effects their sales opportunities. This program is a deep-dive into the four elements of emotional intelligence that are necessary to for life and sales success.