Miks just müügijuhtimise koolitus?

Müügimeeskond on täpselt nii hea, kui hea on tema juht. Kui sinu müügimeeskond ei saavuta oma potentsiaali, siis on su müügijuhtidel tõenäoliselt veel üht-teist õppida. Maailma vanima otsemüügiettevõtte ühe osana on meil laialdased kogemused müügimeeskonna värbamises, arendamises ja juhtimises. ​

Hakka pihta


Vali välja sind huvitavad müügijuhtimise teemad

(Lisainfo lugemiseks klõpsa iga teema ees oleval ristikesel.)


Vali oma oskuste tase

Juhend treeningu valimiseks.

Sissejuhatus teemasse ja esmased teadmised põhitõdedest.
Põhitõdede kinnistamine ja oskuste arendamine mingis kindlas valdkonnas.
Strateegiate aluseks olevate psühholoogiliste protsesside mõistmine ja nende rakendamise oskuse arendamine.
Teooriate praktikas rakendamine ja süvateadmiste arendamine, mis võimaldab sul teisi õpetada.


Vali endale sobiv formaat

Treeningut saab läbi viia nii kohapeal kui virtuaalselt, kuid selle kestus võib varieeruda.


Näide: 5 kohapeal toimuvat
treeningut ja
20 veebiseminari.


Sinu vajadustele vastav treening kestusega kuni 2 tundi.


mis tahes teemal (kuni 3 teemat) kestusega 3–4 tundi.


mis tahes teemal (kuni 5 teemat) kestusega 6–7 tundi.


Mitme päeva jooksul kaetakse erinevaid teemasid.

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Today’s sales managers have one of the most difficult jobs in business. They have to recruit, hire, train, motivate, and, if necessary, fire. Add in producing as well, and it can be frustrating to feel like any progress is being made. Effective time management can help make life easier for managers, and in this course, we’ll give you a detailed plan that will give you more time, less stress, and the tools to grow your organization’s production without feeling overwhelmed.

When run effectively, sales meetings re-tool and re-energize a team to create immediate results, but unfortunately, 90% of sales managers run poor meetings that end up eroding trust within the company, demotivating the team, and destroying culture. We’ve ran and observed thousands of sales meetings across the globe, and we’ve got them down to a science. This training will teach you the most common mistakes sales managers make concerning meetings, and provide an actionable checklist to run powerful, motivating meetings.

A shocking number of sales managers spend very little time in the field with their team members, missing out on one of the most powerful opportunities to train them. It’s a disservice to the team and can also undermine the manager’s own success. Having a successful team is about having the right people who are also trained properly. In this session, we’ll give you a game plan for how often you should shadow your team in the field and what to do while you’re there. We’ll also highlight the most common mistakes sales managers make when shadowing and how to avoid them.

A great sales manager understands that you get what you incentivize. Unfortunately, many managers promote costly contests and competitions that can actually demotivate their people and deflate performance. If done the wrong way, a well-intended incentive plan can have a negative, long-term effect. This training will teach you what works and what doesn’t to motivate your team, so that you will once and for all know how to use recognition, competition, and incentives to inspire real results.

Does your organization have a thought-out and organized process for how your team can effectively work territories? If not, the result is wasted time, frustrated people, underserved prospects, and loss of potential profits. A great sales territory management system allows your team to be more efficient, more confident, have better follow-up, and close more sales. This training will teach you consistent principles that lead to success around territory management as well as common mistakes. It will help you highlight opportunities for more efficiency, increased cost savings, a shorter sales cycle, and maximized existing customer contact for referrals and upselling.

The most effective managers know that sales is a numbers game, but they often don’t have insight into the proper numbers or how to interpret them. This empowering training will teach you what activities you should be tracking for your salespeople, which ratios you can use to manage your business, and the skill of letting the data transform your training regimen.

Solid communication between sales managers and their teams is critical, but many managers don’t make or find the time to have regular one-on-one meetings with their team members. Only after an increase in turnover or a sudden fallout with team members do they realize the importance of communication. In this training, managers will learn a simple, yet effective formula for conducting one-on-one meetings that will build lasting relationships and increase retention.

In order to be a great leader and build the best team, you first have to be a great recruiter. In To prevent high turnover and low performance, it’s important to have a systematic process in place for exactly how to identify, source, interview, vet, and select top talent. In this training, you’ll learn some of the best ideas from around the globe on how to recruit team members that produce consistent results.

A great sales team isn’t just about the people — it’s also about developing world-class systems. Many managers ignore this critical step with the excuse of being too busy or thinking it’s not part of their job, but those mindsets undercut a sales organization’s potential to reach the next level. This training outlines a simple and explicit process for managers that will make sure every person on their team is effectively trained to achieve maximum results.

Even talented salespeople are likely to underperform, burn out, destroy company culture, and eventually quit if they are not held accountable. It’s a sales manager’s responsibility to provide accountability. This insightful training will change the way you and your team members view accountability and provide you with the data-driven methods that demonstrate the right and wrong ways to guide your people to take actions that yield results.

Have you ever felt like your own emotions are hindering your leadership? Are you distracted or unable to control your emotions? Do you understand the emotions of your team and what others are thinking and feeling in team situations? Emotional intelligence is a crucial leadership skill for managers that allows you to control your own emotions and empathize with your team. This training will teach you the four parts of emotional intelligence to practice for more effective leadership.

A common mistake that sales managers make is training all of their team members the exact same way. They put everyone through the same process, not realizing that it doesn’t always equal the same results. In this training, you’ll learn about our 4-phase training process (ECCE) that will give you a “visual scorecard” for each person and equip you to adapt your leadership style to the needs of each individual.