Vision Board Ideas: All You Need to Know to Make One

One important note: Each image on your vision board should be tied to a specific goal or outcome that you’re willing to move toward. Don’t just cut out a bunch of random things you’d like to have someday, like a big house or boat. Your vision board should end up being a collection of all the goals you aspire to. But be realistic with it. What can you reasonably accomplish in the next year, three years, or five years? Big dreams are great, but be specific and genuine.

Make sure your vision board includes these three concepts:

  • What you want to BE
  • What you want to DO
  • What you want to HAVE

Display your board where you can see it every day. It can be at home in your bedroom or at work in your office. Just make sure you can see it regularly! A vision board in the closet never did anyone good.

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