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Hiring salespeople can be challenging. Some people try to build their sales team by hiring college graduates or training first-time rookies on the principles of sales. Others try to lure top talent away from other organizations.

What if there was another way to find top producers and set them up to succeed?
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Your Story

First-time sales candidates are only available seasonally, post-graduation from colleges and universities. This makes hiring off-season, challenging, and open headcount almost impossible to find.

Their Story

Every year, 250,000 veterans separate the Armed Services. More than 50% are under 25, only 3% have college degrees, and 75% separate from active duty with no job. Those who do find employment will have five jobs in their next three years. The bridge from military life, military skills and military discipline to civilian life requires a transition. A boot camp.

Our Story

John Renken, the head of Sales Platoon, is a former U.S. army ranger and sales leader with more than 20 years of top performing sales experience. He’s partnered with Southwestern Consulting due to their 150+ year legacy of developing individuals into sales professionals and leaders.


What is Sales Platoon?

Sales Platoon is a program that provides sales training and certifications to U.S. veterans to place them in the workforce. We utilize our unique boot camp process to teach the critical skills, sales fundamentals, and behaviors required for success based on our partner Southwestern Consulting’s world-class sales training. Using our military connections, we source high-potential sales candidates using stringent selection criteria. We identify the specific type of sales rep (or reps) your organization needs and customize the certifications and training accordingly. When you hire a Sales Platoon graduate, you will become eligible for a tax credit!

Graduates of the program learn skills & earn certifications such as:

Project Management
Salesforce & Hubspot
Zoom & Slack
and more!

Southwestern Consulting certified
in the following competencies:

Lead generation
Value-based Selling
and more!

Why hire a veteran for your open position?

Military veterans bring a unique set of skills and experiences to the workforce, which can be particularly valuable in sales roles.
In addition, utilizing the Sales Platoon program fulfills a mission of helping our transitioning service members who are currently facing a crisis:​


active duty military separate annually.


don’t have college degrees.


have no job lined up when they leave.

It's a win-win for everyone involved.

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Sales Platoon

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