3 Ways to Win—Even in a Losing Cycle

Do you feel like a winner today? During our recent Mastermind Webinar titled “The Habit of Winning,” Emmie Brown—President of Southwestern Speakers and Senior Partner at Southwestern Consulting—asked us this simple but potentially difficult question. Are you crushing it right now? Are you facing some headwinds and either stagnating or slipping? Or are you somewhere in between?

It’s easy to say you’re crushing it when things are going your way and results are pushing you forward. The habit of winning isn’t about relishing in the success or riding a wave. It’s about channeling that “crushing it” energy, even if you’re stuck in a lull or slipping on some goals.

So, do you feel like a winner today?

Whether you’ve answered yes, no, or maybe, if you understand the cycles of losing and winning, you can position yourself for success starting right now.

Define the Losing Cycle

Depending on your reaction to obstacles or challenging times, missing the mark can set you up for success or more failure. When failure perpetuates failure, you’re in a losing cycle. Here’s how this works:

  1. You set goals but underdeliver (or don’t deliver at all).
  2. You don’t get the results you wanted, which lowers your belief level and confidence.
  3. You set smaller goals that seem more achievable. In the losing cycle, your confidence is low and you tend to focus on the negative, so you don’t try as hard to meet those new goals.
  4. If you’re not trying as hard, you’ll continue to underdeliver—which starts the cycle all over again.

Reverse the Losing Cycle

At its worst, the losing cycle can cause you to completely stagnate. You won’t set goals, which means you won’t be taking action. Thankfully, you can use the following practices to break the losing cycle at any time—even if you’ve recently missed one of your goals or experienced a major setback.

1. Set goals more effectively.

As mentioned, in the losing cycle, setting smaller goals can lead you to not try as hard. With the right mindset, setting attainable daily goals can help you generate positive momentum. This will push you to set gradually bigger goals, try harder to meet those targets, and set even loftier (or longer-term) objectives.

Break the losing cycle by setting actionable goals you can reach today. Be as specific as possible. Instead of writing something like “have a good day,” for example, list what it will take to have a good day. This could be saying an affirmation a certain number of times, making a certain number of calls at work, or waking up without hitting snooze.

2. Recognize your wins.

A positive mindset will keep you moving forward. When you meet your goals or take a step in the right direction, acknowledge what you’ve accomplished. This will help you develop a habit of winning and enable you to focus more on where you’ve succeeded.

3. Mind your mentality.

Negativity can completely derail positive momentum, or keep you grounded in the losing cycle. For this reason, it’s important to have the right mindset throughout the day. Set realistic expectations for yourself. You won’t do yourself any favors if you create goals you can’t reach with your current resources. Be honest about what you can do, and be merciful if you come up short.

If you do stumble, acknowledge what happened and why. Don’t dwell on it. Reflect enough to be empowered to not make the same mistake. Then, close the door on that day and open the next one.

4. Use an accountability partner.

You breathe life into your goals when you share them with others. Text or email what you want to accomplish today to a coach or accountability partner. Then, at the end of the day, follow up to share your wins—and only your wins. This will help you hone the ability to focus on what you’re accomplishing.

Even if you’re not getting the results you expected or your professional or personal life is stuck in a rut, you can still channel that “crushing it” energy. Remember how the losing cycle works and how it can suck you in. Start your day with attainable goals, recognize what you do accomplish, and be positive and fair to yourself. For the best results, have someone you trust hold you accountable.

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