Southwestern client accepts leadership award

Over the past year, I’ve been blessed by the coaching of Southwestern Consulting, as my business and personal life have grown exponentially. Having a SWC coach and accountability partner exceeded my expectations from the start, and here are my results so far: I have had a 24% increase in personal production over this year. I have increased my income over $45,000 and it’s growing. When I come home, I’m no longer exhausted from mental exertion.

-Bridget M. | Tom James Clothier

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Real Estate

When I think of coaching I think of the word confidence. Coaching over the past 14 months has given me so much confidence to do things I told myself that I couldn’t do. Making calls I didn’t want to make, facing challenges that I thought were too big, and changing my mindset has all led to more confidence. I am more likely to face that big mountain in and out of the office. Thank you SWC!

-Susan H. | Area Manager, Thrive Mortgage

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