3 Quantum Limitations Inhibiting Your Growth | Southwestern Coaching

During our recent Mastermind Webinar, Ron Alford—Senior Partner and Vice President of Recruiting at Southwestern Consulting—talked about redefining possible and the power it can have in your life. One of the most important parts of finding true joy and making the biggest impact on other people is defining the reason behind what you do every day. Once you’ve found your “WHY”, an arguably bigger task lies ahead: avoiding the following three quantum limitations that can derail your “WHY” and prevent your growth.


The first and perhaps easiest threat to your “WHY” is comparison. Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses, so competing with other people isn’t the best path to progress. The key is to compete with yourself.

If your goal is to get in better shape, for example, you won’t do yourself any favors by comparing yourself to top athletes. In fact, this type of comparison can lead you in the opposite direction, since your goals and your “WHY” are different from someone else’s. You’ll also find less joy in pursuing growth, which can make you forget the purpose behind what you’re trying to achieve.


When you start taking effective steps toward short- and long-term success, it’s easy to fall victim to pride. Self-esteem is important, and you need to pour that confidence and positivity into the right areas.

An inflated sense of self-esteem will also make it easier to blame others and find excuses when you fall short of your goals. Moreover, admitting and owning mistakes and developing a plan to overcome them is a vital part of success. Ego can completely hijack that process and take away a huge source of growth.


Complacency is a tempting trap. It can feel really great to coast—especially if you’ve been working hard to reach your goals and feel you deserve a break. Unfortunately, being complacent means no failure and no growth. Challenges, when approached with the right attitude, are a blessing and opportunity to fuel your transformation.

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