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In 2010, Gary was promoted from General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer to CEO of Bridgestone Americas, then a $10 billion company with 55,000 employees world-wide. Gary instituted extensive strategic, organizational, and cultural changes as the CEO. As a result, the company achieved record profits every year of his tenure, and a 500 percent improvement in profitability in six years. Revenues also grew 40% percent during his tenure. Gary retired at the end of 2016. Gary has written a book on successfully driving change in a group or organization. The book, entitled Driving Results: Six Lessons Learned from Transforming an Iconic Company, is published by Wiley & Sons and available now.

Bridgestone Americas manufactures and markets a wide range of tires for a variety of applications primarily under the Bridgestone and Firestone brand names. Among other business units, Bridgestone Americas also owns and operates the world’s largest automotive service and tire retailer, the worldwide leader in vehicle and equipment air spring technology, and, until recently, the world’s largest manufacturer of commercial roofing products, among other businesses.

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Discover the keys to effective organizational transformation from an author who did it as the CEO of an iconic company.

In Driving Results: Six Lessons Learned from Transforming an Iconic Company, now-retired Chief Executive Officer Gary Garfield delivers an incisive and eye-opening road map of how to transform any organization, department, or group. Through a series of massive changes, Garfield drove record results while the CEO. By sharing his learnings on driving change in this insightful book, you’ll learn how you can use the six essential elements to drive results through change at your organization or with your team.

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