Navigating Coronavirus with Dr. Terry Lyles — Part 1

The past few weeks have been nothing short of intense. News channels are flooded with reports of more sickness, many people have been forced to quarantine and work from home, removing social relief, and the unknown consequences can cause anxiety and stress.

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Dr. Terry Lyles is known as America’s Stress Coach and is the leading expert on delivering results in high-stress situations. His years of research and experience can help exponentially in the current crisis, with suggestions and strategies to cope with anxiety and stress, especially with kids and family.

How to Talk to Your Kids About COVID-19

With kids home from school and away from their friends, it may feel like an extremely scary time for them. Dr. Lyles recently did an interview with helpful tips on how to have the conversation:

Dr. Lyle’s Tips on Communication

  1. Have the conversation. Don’t avoid talking about the virus or what’s happening with your kids.
  2. Make the conversation age-appropriate. Dispel the fear and encourage social distancing.
  3. Keep a routine. Try to maintain normalcy in your family life with a routine.

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