How to Achieve the Extraordinary by Fortifying Your Faith

Faith is the ultimate difference maker. It’s that intangible, make or break X-factor that can help you get un-stuck, pull away from complacency, and push past your fears. As they note in their new book, Redefining Possible, Dustin Hillis and Ron Alford concede that “[n]othing great has ever been done in this world without extraordinary faith.” And the best part is that real faith is unshakeable.

The type of faith that Hillis and Alford are after is one that is not just belief without proof. It’s also acting on an internal conviction. It’s willing to act even though you don’t know what the results will be.

Having this sort of gas in your tank produces results when it’s aligned with a clear vision, such as starting a new business, or taking a financial risk, such as hiring a coach or selling a home. This is because embarking on a new path requires that you have something stronger than a fear of failure or the unknown. That’s when you need to take a leap of faith.

You don’t need to be religious to possess faith. Your faith could be in the success of your company, the future of your children, or your own calling. Let’s consider some of the features of faith and how to cultivate it to redefine possible.

Faith Versus Belief

How are beliefs different than faith? Beliefs amount to value statements you identify with, like the belief that all human life has intrinsic dignity, or that the essential ingredient to a successful marriage is honesty.

Differently, faith is trust in something that has not yet happened. Take, for example, the belief that the essential ingredient to a successful marriage is honesty. That belief then gives you a roadmap for a successful marriage: maintaining honesty. But your honesty with your spouse is driven by faith that doing so will help ensure the success of your marriage.

Faith Lifters Versus Faith Busters

Think about the five people you spend most of your time with. If they spend most of their time being negative and talking about why things don’t work, then it’s likely they’re creating a bad environment for you to grow your faith. However, if they have strong, positive belief systems, they can create an effective environment to nurture your faith.

One way you can take control over the growth of your faith is to develop your own “board of directors.” Find two to five people who share your principles or spirituality, and consult with them regularly. This will give you the opportunity to let go of your pride and accept counsel from people who know you personally and share your values. They may see challenges in areas you’re unclear on and encourage you to stay the course. This, in turn, will nurture your faith.

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