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During our October Mastermind Webinar, Dave Brown—Senior Partner and Vice President of Recruiting—discussed an important concept that should be in every salesperson’s toolkit: effectively using names and stories to drive sales. If you’ve never used this technique or you’re just learning how to incorporate it, follow the steps below to craft a 3D name and tell effective stories.

How to Craft a 3D Name

A 3D name has three parts: a person, fact, and story. Here’s a closer look at each of these components and how they contribute to servant selling and building relationships:

  • The Name: The name refers to the person your story is about. It doesn’t have to be someone the client knows, but it should be the name of someone they can relate to. Your story needs to revolve around someone who is succeeding with your product or service. The work of relating the client to the person is done in the next step.
  • The Fact: The fact is something personable about the name from step one that your listener can relate to. This can be anything relating to the person—the goal is for the client to associate the character from your story with a particular place or event.
  • The Story: The story connects the person and fact to an experience the client wants to have. Frame the story in a way that makes it easy for the listener to see how they are like the person you’re describing. Talk about similar pain points the person overcame or desired results they achieved with your help.

Learn More About 3D Names and Servant Selling

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You’ll want to keep an eye on our blog, as well. We’re putting the final touches on a new post, Tell Better Stories to Get Better Sales, that provides actionable tips on how to craft a story featuring an effective 3D name.

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