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“I’m getting robbed,” I told my friend, who had been patiently quiet while waiting to find out why I’d disrupted the conversation. It occurred to me, fleetingly, to call the cops. But I didn’t. I felt embarrassed by this entirely preventable theft and thought that such a call would amount to, at best, an inconvenience for the responding officers. Here again the clarity of hindsight shakes its fist at me, but lessons learned.

Overcoming judgement on social media and redefining possible for your life.

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And then I saw it. It wasn’t the general content of the post that surprised me. It was fairly garden-variety outrage for these times. Though I didn’t personally agree with the claims, I had become somewhat immune to the attempts at labeling the reader with what kind of person they are for disagreeing, so it wasn’t that either. It was a demand nestled inside of it that struck me in a particular way: “unfriend me now”.

Learn how to Redefine Possible in your life.

Is it just me, or has the world — and this is putting it charitably — gotten a bit trickier to live in? There’s no real need to trot out the complicating factors; the headlines scream them at us from our newsfeeds all day long. But aside from the logistical difficulties presented by living in the time of COVID, there are the attending psychosocial challenges of living in a society that is, in some instances, very literally tearing itself apart.

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