Achieving Emotional Recovery and Stress Relief During a Pandemic — With Dr. Terry Lyles

As the world continues navigating through the coronavirus pandemic, so many people are also struggling with constant and higher levels of stress. Dr. Terry Lyles is known as America’s Stress Coach and is the leading expert on delivering results in high-stress situations. He has developed the stress relief and recovery guide, “Navigating Normalcy During the Coronavirus Pandemic” that you can download below.

His years of research and experience can help exponentially in the current crisis, with suggestions and strategies to cope with anxiety and stress, especially with kids and family.

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Stress Relief Guide

Dr. Lyles has developed a stress relief guide for anyone who is looking for ways to cope and relieve stress during these unprecedented times. “The mind/body alignment self-care process for overall health is a critical component to recovery following this pandemic,” writes Dr. Lyles in the guide.

The guide presents a fresh look at stress, how to gain clarity during this crisis, and how to turn negative stressors into positive momentum. The thirty-page guide includes:

  • A personal stress assessment
  • Foundational explanations about how compound stressors affects the body
  • Positive action plans for combating stressors for mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being
  • 4 ways to immediately begin stress recovery
  • How to adopt a 90-minute cycle of recharging and recovering
  • Strategies for intentional breathing to alleviate stress from the body

Taking the mindset of turning this threat into a challenge is what I consider “flipping the bad stress to good stress coin” and will be an exploration and unique life experience for all of to talk about for years to come. 

Dr. Terry Lyles

Get the resource guide below:

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For more information about Dr. Lyles and his work on stress management, visit Also, check out his 4-part series on navigating the coronavirus.