4 Techniques to Sharpen Your Focus

Think about your daily routine. How often do you start a task only to find yourself off-track halfway through? Does your mind race with everything you need to accomplish after work or even for the rest of the week?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Most people lack the critical ability to focus. Especially with modern technology and access to a constant stream of information, it can be hard to concentrate. But really, focus is one of the most powerful tools on our journey toward fulfilling our purpose. Focus means being intentional, proactive, and giving your all to every task. Doesn’t that sound better than ping-ponging from one thing to the next?

So, how do we sharpen our focus? Here are four simple techniques to help from Ron Alford and Dustin Hillis, the authors of Redefining Possible:

1. Eliminate Mental Clutter

Mental clutter is the number-one enemy of focus. It can come from information overload, an overcrowded calendar that’s impossible to keep up with, unresolved conflicts, and simple daily distractions.

To clear the clutter, you can make to-do lists, write down your schedule, and note anything else you want to remember or even think about later. Plan time away from your electronic devices, and set boundaries with things that may cause distractions.

2. Choose Your Targets

After eliminating mental clutter, decide what you want to focus on by writing down what you hope to achieve. Separate your business and personal goals, and hone in on what you want out of life. Once you’ve set some targets, ask yourself: “Do I want it so badly that I’m willing to focus on it?”

If the answer is yes, start transforming your goals into action items and deadlines. Be specific. Write them on your calendar and track your progress.

Ready to learn the last two techniques to sharpen your focus?

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