3 Tools to Clarify Your Vision

Some of the most impactful figures in history had visions that changed the world. Nelson Mandela is one of these figures who, as Dustin Hillis and Ron Alford point out in their new book, Redefining Possible, understood the value of having such a vision. In spite of numerous obstacles, from long-term imprisonment to attempts on his life, Mandela brought about the end of Apartheid. This is because he understood the power of a clear, unshakeable vision.

Most people will never experience challenges like Mandela faced. However, the typical setbacks of life can be enough to derail you if you don’t have a clarified vision to keep you on track. Hillis and Alford unpack the three tools needed to clarify a vision of your own:

Tool #1: Your Vision Worksheet

Making the intangible concrete by creating a list is essential to clarifying your vision. Build your vision worksheet by asking these questions:

Who Do I Want to Be?

First, take an inventory of ten characteristics or traits you would like to have. To do this, it might be helpful to look far into the future and imagine your eulogy. How do you want friends and family to describe you when you’re gone? You may want to be known for being inspirational, patient, or resourceful, or for being able to overcome hardships. These qualities and more could be part of your vision. Add them to your list!

What Do I Want to Do?

This is the fun one! Without any of these self-imposed limitations that can restrict you from thinking big, feel empowered to make a list of ten things you’ve always dreamed of doing. Add them to your list.

What Do I Want to Have?

While “be” and “do” are important, “have” is equally valuable. In fact, it ties directly into “being” and “doing.” Thinking about the person you want to be will clarify what you want to do so you can get what you want to have.

Do you want a bigger car to transport your kids and their sports equipment to games? Do you want a larger house to entertain during the holidays? Do you want a swimming pool to spend quality time with family and friends during the summer? Think about ten clear and well-defined “haves.” Add them to your list.

Your vision worksheet is an important tool, but it’s only the beginning. To learn about the other tools to clarify your vision, pre-order Dustin Hillis and Ron Alford’s new book, Redefining Possible.

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