Human Resources-Corporate Training

How great would it be to hear positive feedback from your company because you brought in an outside speaker that was actually fun and different? How refreshing would it be to coordinate a training session that was actually exciting, to say nothing of humorous? We’d like to help put that feather in your cap!

“He keeps things funny and exciting through the stories he tells that relate to the training theories
-Jeff Beaumont - Michigan State

Our corporate training programs are chock-filled with practical skill development for real-life corporate issues that affect everyone in the workplace: increased personal and professional productivity, team-work, interpersonal relations, communications, strategic thinking and resiliency for conflict resolution. MORE

Sales-Customer Service

How many times in life have we hung up the phone, completely exasperated, because of an unprepared, poorly trained, or misinformed customer service person? How disappointing is it when there is no choice but to work with a poorly trained sales person? There are few things more frustrating, especially when it’s quick, accurate and efficient service that we need.
What if it was your salesperson or customer service rep that was causing this kind of grief? Kinda makes you think.

Mike has helped me create specific ways to help my organization grow. -Adina Wolf, Arizona State University

Through fun, interactive and memorable training sessions and workshops, your staff is asked to re-define leadership as a state of mind, not just a position. They are taught how to be more productive, both personally and professionally. They will study how to solve customer issues in a group process setting; discover how to think more strategically overall; build effective teams, with better communication skills; and they will develop strategies for becoming more resilient in the face of challenge and adversity. These are issues that are unfortunately a part of every organization.
Give Mike a call. Let him help. The time is now. MORE