All presentations are fun, interactive, and lead to memorable moments! They are designed to motivate your membership, move emotions, and set the tone and atmosphere for a conference. Each presentation is customized to include a theme of your choosing, and will fit your time schedule. MORE

“Excellent presentation!  It may have been the best I’ve ever attended. I’d recommend this class to my colleagues. It was fun, lively and informative.” - Allison, Affiliate Societies Council


Workshops and breakout sessions are an integral part of every conference. Whether you need to transfer knowledge to a select group of people, or you need to further develop specific skill-sets within your membership, we will work closely with you to customize a workshop program to fit your needs. This is a fun and creative way to learn in a team setting. MORE

“Mike Weber was a great motivator. Laughter is just the right remedy for learning!”
Joe Yadao,
New Hampshire Community Loan Fund Conference