About Us

Mike earned his BS degree from Cornell University. During and after college he developed a successful sales organization working with college students for the Southwestern Company of Nashville, TN. For the past 21 years Mike has worked with over 200,000 students in New England, helping them raise more than $1.5 million to build and promote student activities with Great American Opportunities. Mike has been a member of The National Speakers Association for the last 4 years.

In 1993 he founded the Great American Opportunities Leadership Institute with a focus of building student leaders through workshops and conferences. During the past twelve years, Mike has worked with over 500,000 young people from Maine to California, helping them to develop their talents and abilities as leaders through interactive motivational presentations.

Mike is married to his best friend, Jane, lives in Atkinson, NH and is the father of two young men, Kurt and Eric.  He enjoys reffing soccer, gardening, hiking, being beaten by his sons at wrestling, and just plain old hanging out with his friends and family!

Strategic Partners

As one of our nation's oldest and most respected professional fundraising companies, Great American Opportunities Inc. has the experience, the tools and the products to make your fundraiser a success!

The Southwestern Company's mission is simple: To be the best organization in the world at helping young people develop the skills - and the character - they need to achieve their goals in life.

SBR began in 1982 as a division of the Southwestern Company, one of the oldest and most respected direct sales firms. Since 1868, the Southwestern Company has trained and developed young people in the area of sales and sales management. It is from this solid foundation that SBR has established its reputation as a premier search firm.